6-ft-shelvingOPEN SHELVING

The most space efficient, cost effective way to organize sheet music.

rotary-shelvingROTARY CABINET

Lockable cabinets with multiple accessory options for drawers and additional storage.

wooden-shelvingWOODEN SHELVING

Make the best use of wooden shelving with the “MAX” music filing solution.

Music Filing Solutions focuses on effective filing, retrieval and protection of your sheet music. Additionally, Music Filing Solutions provide greater space efficiency.

Is your sheet music easily accessible? Are you able to easily refile sheet music? Or, are filing cabinets overstuffed, music curly? Are you out of space?  Do you have wooden shelving?  Are the boxes or envelopes in disarray?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, than Music Filing Solutions can find the right MAX Solution for your needs.  At Music Filing Solutions we will help you to maximize your space, help you achieve greater organization, and provide express retrieval for pulling and refiling sheet music.

We offer 2 filing systems complete with shelving and folders.  Music Filing Solutions can help to determine which complete system is right for your needs.  Or, if you already have wooden shelving Music Filing Solutions will work with you to determine exactly what will be needed to retro fit the wooden cabinet.  By converting to hanging files those messy cabinet will be transformed into an organized, clean filing system!

In all systems the hanging folders are the perfect answer.  The hanging folders will keep sheet music straight, protecting it from curling or leaning.  The folders hang in a way to eliminate wasted air space, thereby making the most of your filing space. Each hanging compartment has a label holder to identify contents.  Music Filing Solutions will print your label for FREE.  When you need more labels after adding to your library, we will still print and ship the labels for FREE.  It’s easy, just send us an excel file of your music titles.  You can even pick label colors to sort by genre!

recycled-materialOur systems are made of heavy duty steel construction and carry a life time limited warranty.  Units are made with 40% recycled steel.  Each unit is powder coat painted using an environmentally friendly painting process.

Units are shipped directly to you with easy to assemble instructions.



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